is Canadian Goodness.

THiS! Flax is high quality Canadian goodness at its best grown with pride by Canadian farmers. Our flax comes from the very best sources founded upon long standing personal relationships with growers who cultivate ecologically sustainable farmland. THiS! is an ancient seed with proven health benefits that will replenish elements that you may be missing in your diet. THiS! Flax is gluten-free and not genetically modified and is a complimentary food for all nutritional requirements, including paleo and ketogenic.


Make your healthy shake or smoothie healthier.


A simple way to add Omega 3s to your salads.


To add more fibre to your baking creations.

-About Us-

We’re a team of flax lovers – farmers, buyers, millers, tasters, sales people, chefs and everything in-between. We are passionate about agriculture and healthy food and have been producing flax seed products for over 20 years. Committed to supporting local responsible farming, we buy our flax from the very best sources, founded upon long-standing personal relationships with growers who cultivate ecologically sustainable flax in locations across Canada.

Our company is situated in Manitoba, Canada, an area famous for its agriculture and beautiful countryside along with its stunning prairie vistas. Our amazing team has been instrumental in delivering a range of improved operational efficiency measures to help us achieve our success including the development of our facility which has been outfitted with state of the art machinery which meets the highest food processing standards.

Having a positive impact on the countryside is ingrained in everything we do. We're passionately committed to reducing the negative impacts of our production process, such as cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. As a food manufacturing business we understand the impact that we have on our local environment, so with devotion to less waste, we'll always strive to reduce the impact that we have on our surroundings.

Our mission is to bring high-quality flax seed products to more people and create positive change in the global food culture.

Golden Milled Organic Roasted Flaxseed

Delicate organic milled – THiS! Flax blends beautifully into smoothies, baked goods, mueslis.

Golden Whole Roasted Flaxseed

Old fashioned whole flaxseed – THiS! Flax is perfect for cereals, salads, and snacking.

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